Evacuation alerts and orders in effect

There is an evacuation order in effect for:

There is an evacuation alert in effect for:

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Find information about emergencies in Yukon including health advisories, wildfires, floods, earthquakes and road closures.

You should always be prepared for an emergency. Learn more about making an emergency plan and what to put in your emergency kit.

Southern Lakes flooding map

See the flooding map for evacuation information, sandbag station locations and other information.

Evacuation orders in effect

There is currently 1 evacuation order in effect for:

Evacuation alerts in effect

There are currently 3 evacuation alerts in effect for:

Public flood updates

How to protect your home against flooding

To protect your home against flooding, learn how to fill a sandbag and how to build a sandbag berm.


For information about the current flood situation, email flooding@yukon.ca or call 867-332-7084.

Boil water advisories in effect


For information about boil water advisories, email environmental.health@yukon.ca or call 867-667-8391.

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Environmental emergencies

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