Learn about our new electronic health records system

We're moving from a paper-based health record system to an electronic system: 1Health. The new system will store all your electronic health records (EHRs). This will allow you and your health care providers to access your health records in 1 place.

What are the benefits of the 1Health system?

1Health will house all your health records electronically and in 1 place. This will allow all your health care providers access to your health record in order to provide care.

The move to 1Health will benefit you and the health care system in many important ways:

  • providing 1 electronic chart for every Yukoner in the system;
  • replacing aging infrastructure;
  • improving standardized care;
  • increasing your safety by ensuring accuracy of medication delivery;
  • helping you to tell your medical story without having to repeat it to different health care providers;
  • providing near real-time information to health care providers in a your circle of care;
  • transitioning charts from paper to electronic in health centres and hospitals; and
  • expanding virtual health care access.

What is an electronic health record (EHR)?

An EHR enables your health care providers to support your health care. They use the record to provide you with quality health care and services.

Yukon Health Information Network (YHIN) supports sharing personal health information among health care providers to support the delivery of health care.

What are the benefits of using an EHR?

If you receive health care in Yukon you'll have a record in 1Health. An EHR allows your health information to move with you. Health care providers authorized to provide you with care can access your record. This way they have access to evidence-based tools to help you make decisions about your care.

The Health Information Privacy and Management Act (HIPMA) protects your health information. The Act:

  • governs the collection of your data in 1Health;
  • gives you greater control over your personal health information;
  • protects your privacy; and
  • ensures effective and efficient healthcare services through 1Health.

Who will have access to the 1Health integrated EHRs?

Approved 1Health partners will have access to the integrated EHRs.

How will Yukon health-care providers use your information?

1Health partners will follow existing information management and privacy policies and practices. These are outlined in the Health and Information Privacy Management Act. This protects people and the personal health information collected.

All 1Health partners who are approved platform users can use information to:

  • provide health care; and
  • allow payment of health care or other related goods and services.

Yukon Hospital Corporation and the government can also use information for:

  • planning and management; or
  • a proceeding or event requiring law enforcement.

How is your personal health information kept?

We'll keep your personal health information confidential. We'll do this using a multi-pronged approach that includes the appropriate collection, use and sharing of your information. This helps us provide safe and timely care and services.

Additional information

The gradual implementation of 1Health has begun across Yukon’s health sector. This effort involves the territorial government, Yukon Hospital Corporation, and Yukon Medical Association.

1Health Yukon is the largest health system initiative in the territory’s history. It's the foundation of a person-centered delivery of health and social services.

Thousands of health professionals will need to take training on how to use 1Health. So, it may take time for our health care providers to implement it. Be patient and kind as your health care providers are learning.


For more information, email 1health@yukon.ca.