Bid on livestock auctions

We sometimes hold livestock auctions to sell impounded animals whose owners are unknown.

Current auctions

There are currently no auctions planned.

Past auctions

To access information on past auctions, including results, email [email protected].

Why hold livestock auctions?

Under the Pounds Act, the Government of Yukon is required to post a notice about impounded animals to find the owners. After 20 days, if the owners remain unknown, we may hold an auction to sell the animals. The notice will include the proposed date for the start of the auction.

If we decide to hold an auction, it will be a closed bid auction. This means we'll keep all the bids we receive confidential. We'll then make the winning bid amount and the number of bids we receive public. We'll do this after the auction winner is notified.


For more information on livestock auctions, contact the Agriculture Branch by phone at 867-667-5838 or email at [email protected].