Census 2021 job listings from StatCan

Statistics Canada (StatCan) conducts a national Census every five years. The next Census will be in May 2021 and all Canadians will take part.

In light of COVID-19 restrictions, StatCan will deliver a "contactless census" in 2021. This innovation increases the need for local employees within each province and territory.

Census jobs in Yukon

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Learn about the Census

The Census provides a statistical portrait of Canada’s population and communities. It is the basis for population estimates for provinces, territories and municipal areas.

Census data help governments, non-profits and businesses make informed decisions. This is especially important for communities with small populations or small geographic areas.

Census estimates also allow the Government of Canada to:

  • set electoral boundaries with fair representation;
  • estimate demand for services; and
  • calculate federal funding for provinces and territories.

You can learn more about the Census on the StatCan website.

2021 Census