Complete a community impact statement

What is a community impact statement?

When a community suffers a loss or harm because of a crime, the community can write an impact statement. This describes:

  • the impact of the crime; and
  • how the statement reflects the views of the community.

Who can write a community impact statement?

  • Anyone from a community who has:
    • been harmed by an offence; or
    • knowledge of the harm caused.
  • A community can choose someone to prepare the impact statement. In the statement, the person who writes it has to explain:
    • how the statement reflects the community's views; and
    • the process used to gather the community input.

How is the statement used?

The statement is used during sentencing, after the accused pleads or is found guilty. The statement is not used to determine if the accused is guilty or innocent.

The written statement is submitted to the court. The statement:

  • can be read out in court; and
  • may be reported in the media.

How to prepare a community impact statement

A community impact statement should be written in your own words. 

  • Describe how the crime affected your community.
  • Do not include a description of the crime or how it occurred. Focus on how the crime impacted your community.
  • Limit the community impact statement to the matter currently being sentenced. Information about other incidents will be excluded from the community impact statement.
  • Avoid comments about the accused or about the sentence you think they deserve.
  • If a question on the form does not apply to you, or if you do not want to answer it, you do not have to fill it out.

Can you get help to write the statement?

Yes. The statement needs to reflect your thoughts and feelings. If you're having trouble writing about how the crime has affected you, you can get help from:

  • a victim services worker;
  • a crown witness coordinator
  • a friend; or
  • a family member.

A victim services worker can:

  • help you to learn more about the process; and
  • help you with any questions you have.

When should you write a community impact statement?

You can write your statement any time after a charge is laid, but before sentencing.

When should the judge receive the statement?

The statement must go to the judge before the accused is sentenced. A victim services worker can help you learn about the dates for sentencing.

How can you submit a community impact statement

  1. Download the Community Impact Statement form, or pick up the form at a Victim Services office.
  2. If you have questions, you can ask a victim services worker.
  3. Complete the form.
  4. Victim Services can help you file the completed form with the courts. You can:
    • file it on your own at Court Services; or
    • mail or bring the form to a Victim Services office.
  5. If you would like a Word version of this form, please contact Victim Services.

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