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Mayo prescribed burning planned to reinforce 2023 fuel break

By hritchie

Wildland Fire Management crews are taking advantage of snow on the ground to widen a fuel break built beside the C6 subdivision in Mayo (commonly known as the Na-Cho Nyäk Dun Village) during firefighting operations last summer.

This burn is taking place with the support of the Village of Mayo and the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyäk Dun.

The crews plan to burn trees within 20 metres of one side of the fuel break, parallel with the full length of the C6 access road. During the burn, which could take place as early as Monday, April 15 and span several days, people will see smoke from the burn site. This is normal. Wildfire crews are patrolling the site with enough resources to put the burn out if conditions become unsafe.

Prescribed burning is one of several fuel management techniques that Wildland Fire Management uses to reduce wildfire risk. These operations are carefully planned and can only take place during specific weather conditions that allow for ongoing containment by crews and minimal smoke impacts.

Before the burn, wildfire crews will notify people who live beside the burn site that the operation is taking place. Wildland Fire Management has also issued this bulletin to media, posted it online and is sharing it in Mayo community social media spaces.

Details about the burn and all wildfire activity are available on the Wildfire Hub.

Haley Ritchie
Fire information officer, Wildland Fire Management
867-393-7415 or [email protected]