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Prescribed burn planned for Watson Lake

By hritchie
Prescribed burning in Watson Lake

Prescribed burning is planned in the Watson Lake area starting as early as Monday, June 10.

Wildland Fire Management crews will be removing hazardous dry grass from around the Watson Lake airport and the east side of the Liard River near Upper Liard. 

Prescribed burning is one of several fuel management techniques that Wildland Fire Management uses to reduce wildfire risk. These operations are carefully planned and can only take place during specific weather conditions that allow for ongoing containment by crews and minimal smoke impacts. The airport will remain open but the airport loop will be temporarily closed during the burn.

During the burn, which will take place over the week and depend on weather conditions, people will see smoke from the burn sites. This is normal. Wildfire crews are patrolling the site with enough resources to put the burn out if conditions become unsafe. The burn is being conducted with support from the Watson Lake Volunteer Fire Department.

Details about the burn, and all wildfire activity, are available on the Wildfire Hub at Yukon.ca/get-wildfire-updates.


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