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Prescribed burning planned to improve wildfire resiliency at the Na-Cho Nyak Dun Old Village

By hritchie
map of NND old village west of Mayo

Wildland Fire Management is working with the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun (NND) to improve wildfire resiliency by leading a prescribed burn to remove flammable grassy fuel from the ground in NND’s Old Village.

Starting as soon as Wednesday, June 5, crews will test conditions to see if they meet their plan’s weather and safety requirements. Burn plans limit how hot, dry and windy conditions can be for a burn to take place but conditions must also be dry enough for it to succeed.

The Old Village will be encircled with wildfire hose and wetted down to prevent the burn from spreading outside of the target area. Once the prescribed burn starts, crews expect the work to last for two days, but timing will depend on conditions.

Prescribed burns are an important tool that Wildland Fire Management uses to reduce wildfire risk in critical areas around significant sites. Removing the grass around buildings in the Old Village will support the growth of fresh, green grass that is less likely to ignite from wildfire embers than the older, drier grass currently on the ground.

The Old Village, located across the Stewart River west of Mayo, is the place where NND citizens first settled in the area. Wildfire crews, with NND support, are using prescribed fire to reduce wildfire risk to this historic former townsite.


Haley Ritchie

Fire Information Officer, Wildland Fire Management
867-393-7415 or [email protected]