Digital Service Delivery Guide

The Digital Service Delivery Guide is a collection of best-practice guidance and processes for designing and delivering government services that are simple, fast and strive to improve the user experience.

We've developed this advice to help project teams and vendors build consistent digital services and websites that work for citizens.

The guide has 3 main categories and includes standards for the following and more.

1. Content and design

  • Brand standards
  • Forms
  • Online design patterns
  • Accessibility
  • PDF, print and Nintex forms
  • Online services and web forms
  • Style Guide

2. Technology

  • Code management and deployment
  • Service maturity assessments
  • Technical and legal assessments
  • Common platform components
  • Report a bug or request an improvement
  • Get a domain name

3. Project management and procurement

  • Digital service standards
  • Information for vendors
  • Get an account Procurement
  • How to purchase digital tools and products
  • Project process

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