Change your society's name or purpose

Your constitution is your society’s name and purpose (section 11 of the Societies Act). You can look up your society’s name and purpose on the Yukon Corporate Online Registry (YCOR).

If you wish to change your society’s name or purpose, keep the following things in mind.

  • If you want to change your society’s name, you must complete a name reservation first. 
  • You must pass a special resolution in order to change your society’s name or purpose (subsection 17(2) of the Societies Act).  

Find out how to pass a special resolution

File online

We recommend filing a change to constitution form online using the Yukon Corporate Online Registry. The cost to file online is $20 for a change of purpose and $40 if there's a change to the name. If you are changing your society's name, you can file a name reservation online for $40.  

File online

Find out how to get a YCOR account and a private filing key

Submit a paper filing 

You can also download and fill out the forms and submit copies in person, by mail or email to us at Corporate Affairs.

The cost to file paper versions is higher and it will take longer for the filings to go through.  



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