How to revive a society

If your society has been dissolved, there are steps you can take to revive your society.

  1. Reserve a name
  2. Publish a revival notice in the Yukon Gazette
  3. Send a notice to the society’s registered office and directors
  4. Submit a revival application

1. Reserve a name

You must reserve the name of your revived society, even if you want the name to be the same as it was when you dissolved. This is so we can make sure that nobody else has taken that name since the society was dissolved.

Name reservations are valid for 90 days, if you successfully reserve the name. Your name reservation must be still be valid when you revive the society.

Reserve a name online

To reserve a name online, log into the Yukon Corporate Online Registry (YCOR).

  • Select “Reserve a name” at the top.
  • Select “Standard reservation” as the name type and “Revival of a society” as the reservation type.

We'll email you your receipt and confirmation, then we'll email you your name reservation certificate and the reservation number once we have reviewed and approved the name. The fee to submit the name reservation form online is $40.

Reserve a name using a paper form

2. Publish a revival notice in the Yukon Gazette

You can find instructions on how to publish a notice in the Yukon Gazette here.

Download a revival notice.

3. Send a notice of revival to the society’s registered address and to former directors

You must send the same revival notice you used for the Yukon Gazette to the society’s last registered address and to the people who were directors at the time of dissolution.

Find the addresses

  • Search for the society on YCOR
  • Select "View" under "Profile report"
  • The society's address will be listed in the profile report.
  • The names of former directors will also be listed in the profile report. 

4. Submit a revival application

You can file your revival application after:

  • Your name reservation has been approved;
  • The notice in the Yukon Gazette has been published; and
  • You've sent letters to the society's address and to the former directors.

The society will be revived 21 days after the date the notice was published in the Yukon Gazette or the date you sent the notice to the society’s registered address, whichever is later.

Fill out the revival application form online

Because filing online requires a private filing key, it may be easiest to file the revival application on paper. Filling out the revival application online only works if:

  • you can still access the dissolved society's mail; or
  • if you are in contact with a former director who could help you access the society's mail. 

To submit your revival application online, log into YCOR.

  • Search for the society's name
  • Select "Submit" under "Filings".
  • If you don't have one already, request a private filing key. The filing key will be mailed to the society's registered address.
  • Once you have received your private filing key in the mail and activated it, make sure you are logged in to YCOR.
  • Select "Revival application".
  • Fill out the form using the name reservation code you received.

Revival forms cost $50 to submit online.

Fill out the revival application form on paper

You can drop off the form and pay at Corporate Affairs at 307 Black Street in Whitehorse.

5. File any missing annual reports

Once revived, a society is considered to exist as though it had not been dissolved. That means that a society must:

  • hold an AGM if they haven't in the past year;
  • file any missing annual reports and financial statements for any missing fiscal years; and

Find out how to get your society back into compliance.


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