Apply for more time to hold your society's AGM

When are societies required to hold an AGM?

Societies are required to hold an annual general meeting (AGM) within 4 months of their fiscal year-end (Regulation 12(2) of the Societies Regulation).

If your society is not able to hold an AGM within 4 months of your fiscal year-end, you can apply for more time to hold your AGM.

You can only do this if: 

You cannot extend your scheduled AGM more than 7 months from your society’s fiscal year-end. 

How to apply for more time to hold your AGM

To apply to for more time to hold your AGM, you need to fill out a form that gets submitted to the registrar. In that form you'll need to: 

  • describe efforts you made to hold your AGM in time;
  • describe why you are not able to hold the AGM on or before the usual 4-month deadline;
  • indicate the date you think you’ll be able to hold your AGM; and
  • send written notice of this application and of the date you think you’ll be able to hold your AGM to every member of your society (Regulation 13 of the Societies Regulation). 

If you find you consistently cannot hold your AGM in time, you may want to consider changing your society’s fiscal year-end. 

Apply online 

We recommend filing this form online using the Yukon Corporate Online Registry (YCOR).

The cost to file online is $50 and the form will be filed immediately. You can only file this form online using YCOR if your transition to the new Societies Act is complete. 

Apply online

Apply using the paper form

You can also download and fill out the forms and submit copies in person, by mail or email to Corporate Affairs.

The cost to file paper versions is $70. It costs more to file this way and it will take longer for the filings to go through. 

Application for extension of time for holding Annual General Meeting (form 10).


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