Apply for a comfort letter for development or production of a media project

The Government of Yukon can issue a comfort letter for your production. The letter outlines your production's eligibility and conditional approval of funding. The funding estimate is based on the budget you've submitted. You must meet the terms of the agreement before you receive funding.

You can use the comfort letter when you apply for support from financial institutions and the federal government.

Before you apply

  1. Contact a program officer to get a comfort letter, phone 867-667-5400 or toll-free in Yukon 1-800-661-0408, extension 5400.
  2. Gather and submit the following documents
  • ​the total production budget in Telefilm format, or total development budget in Telefilm format;
  • the Yukon budget in Telefilm format;
  • the proposed financing plan;
  • letters from all confirmed funders outlining the terms of their financial participation, or copies of applications for all funders listed in the financial structure;
  • confirmation of the financial participation from the broadcaster or distributor;
  • the biography of the company applying;
  • the synopsis of proposed production;
  • chain-of-title documents;
  • co-production agreements (if applicable);
  • the related-party transaction form; 
  • the cash flow for the entire project (by fiscal year);
  • related party investment calculation; and
  • evidence that 30 per cent of the total budget, not including Media Development funding, is in place at the time of application.

Apply for a comfort letter

  1. Make sure you have all the required documents.
  2. Fill out either the Development Fund or the Media Production Fund application.
  3. Submit your documents and the completed application.
    In person: 303 Alexander Street (2nd floor) in Whitehorse. Our office is open, Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    Email: If you choose this option, the file size cannot exceed 10 megabytes.
    Government of Yukon
    Yukon Media Development (F-1)
    Box 2703
    Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 2C6

How long does it take us to make a decision?

You will hear from us:

  • within 5 business days for applications for $25,000 or less;
  • within 10 business days for applications for between $25,001 and $100,000; and
  • within 20 business days for applications for $100,001, or more.