Learn about the Vendor Performance Review Program

The Vendor Performance Review Program evaluates and scores vendors on their performance throughout a government contract.

Why do we need a Vendor Performance Review Program?

Before the launch of the program, the Yukon government procurement process did not include vendor performance as a factor. Through this program, we hope to:

  • incentivize good performance from vendors;
  • encourage vendors and Yukon government project managers to work closely together and communicate throughout the contract; and
  • provide feedback to vendors on ways they can improve their performance.

Program background

We phased the implementation so that everyone could become familiar with the program.

Phase 1: October 2021

We soft-launched the program so that vendors could understand and become familiar with the program and the evaluation process. Scores from Phase 1 will not be used in any future phases.

Phase 2: October 2022

We entered evaluation scores for 1 full year, beginning in October 2022. There was no impact to the vendors in the procurement process during this time.

The scores gathered in this year became the Overall Vendor Performance Review (OVPR) score. A vendor’s OVPR score is an average of their performance evaluation scores. We adjust vendors’ OVPR scores as we complete new evaluation scores.

Where is the program now?

Phase 3: October 2023 and onwards

We've launched the Vendor Performance Review Program. This means we can use vendor OVPR scores from Phase 2 to adjust a vendor’s ranking during the procurement evaluation process.

We'll continually adjust vendors’ OVPR scores to include new evaluation scores. In the future, a vendor’s OVPR score will use their scores from the previous 3 years of completed reviews.

If you have questions, contact the Procurement Support Centre.


If you have questions, email [email protected] or phone 867-667-5385.