Learn about the Vendor Performance Review Program

The new Vendor Performance Review Program evaluates and scores vendors on their performance throughout the duration of a government contract.

Why do we need a Vendor Performance Review Program?

Currently, the Yukon government procurement process does not include vendor performance as a factor. Through this new program we hope to:

  • incentivize good performance from vendors;
  • encourage vendors and Yukon government project managers to work closely together and communicate throughout the contract; and
  • provide feedback to vendors on ways they can improve their performance.

When does it come into effect?

We'll phase implementation so that everyone can become familiar with the program.

Phase 1: October 2021

We'll soft launch the new program for vendors by capturing scores, but we'll remove them from the vendor's record after the 1st year we collect them.

Phase 2: October 2022

We'll capture scores for 1 year. These scores will lead to the vendor’s overall score but there will be no impacts to vendors in the procurement process.

Phase 3: October 2023

From October 2023 and onwards, we'll take the average of your scores from the last year and consider them during the procurement process. You'll continue to receive scores which will adjust your average score on an ongoing basis.

Guidance and training

To learn more about the Vendor Performance Review Program:

Available training

Vendor Performance Review training is available on YGLearn. Find out about taking a course on YGLearn.


Contact the Procurement Support Centre at 867-667-5385 or contracts@yukon.ca.