Evacuation alert for Stewart Crossing including the area of km 522 to km 538 on the North Klondike Highway - June 26, 2024

evac area Stewart Crossing 2

June 26, 2024 - 5:30 pm

An Evacuation Alert (not an Evacuation Order) has been issued by Yukon Emergency Measures Organization for Stewart Crossing and the area of km 522 to km 538 on the North Klondike Highway. Other areas may be affected as time goes on.

This alert is because of the potential impacts of fire activity in the area south of Crooked Creek. If you are in the affected area, you should be ready to leave within three hours of being notified.

When preparing to evacuate, you should:

  • Locate all family members and designate a safe meeting place;
  • Gather important things like medication, eye glasses, valuable papers and immediate care needs for dependents;
  • Move livestock or pets to a safe area;
  • Arrange transport for your household members in anticipation of a potential evacuation;
  • Arrange accommodation for your family. In the event of an evacuation, emergency accommodation may be provided, if needed; and
  • Look for updates from local news sources and Yukon.ca/emergencies.

Local residents and visitors are encouraged to avoid visiting properties in the affected area and to proactively relocate, prior to the hazard affecting the area directly.

An Evacuation Order may be issued if the hazard directly threatens residents and visitors.

For more information, visit Yukon.ca/emergencies.


Information Officer | Emergency Measures Organization

867-334-4802 | [email protected]