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We provide objective geological information to:

  • the Government of Yukon;
  • Yukon First Nations; and
  • the public.

Our information adds to Yukon’s geoscience knowledge base. The information supports geoscience-related policy and investment decisions in the territory.

  1. Yukon Geological Survey news

    Visiting the core library

    The core library facilities are open again for use by clients. Access is controlled. Contact the core library to book the facilities.

    We ask that visitors wear a mask in the core library.

    Visiting Yukon Geological Survey at the Elijah Smith Building

    The Yukon Geological Survey office in downtown Whitehorse is open to the public.

    Make an appointment before your visit.

    We ask that visitors wear a mask in the building.

  2. Recent publications

    Yukon Placer Mining Industry 2018 to 2020. S. van Loon and J.D. Bond

    Yukon Exploration and Geology

    Overview 2023

    Yukon Exploration and Geology Overview 2023. L.H. Weston and Purple Rock Inc. (eds.), Yukon Geological Survey, 69 p.

    Yukon Exploration and Geology papers 2023


    You can also download a volume containing all of the papers for 2023.

    Open files


    Data sets

    • Surficial geology data set: A Yukon-wide compilation of spatial data derived from over 195 surficial geology maps originally published at scales ranging from 1:10,000 to 1:250,000.