Fire ban in place due to high wildfire activity and dry conditions

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July 9, 2023

Wildland Fire Management has put a level 2 fire ban in place for all Yukon fire management districts.

Starting today at 3 p.m., cooking and warming fires are only allowed in the provided fire pits and stoves at road-accessible territorial and commercial campgrounds. All other fire use is suspended.

This is the middle level in the Yukon’s three-tiered fire ban system. Fire use within national parks is managed by Parks Canada.

Personal fire use is being restricted because there is extreme fire danger caused by hot and dry weather and recent fire activity. Fire crews are faced with significant fire response operations that could be compromised by preventable human-caused wildfires.

Under extreme conditions, fires can start easily, spread rapidly and challenge fire response efforts.

Yukoners can help fire crews by being responsible with fires allowed under this ban:

  • Avoid building a fire in windy conditions.
  • Do not build a fire larger than what you need.
  • Always have an eye on your fire and keep water nearby.
  • Ensure all fires are completely out before leaving them. Soak them with water, stir them, and repeat until the ashes are cold to the touch. 

Yukoners should also be aware of other activities that could produce sparks or heat that could generate wildfires. Avoid operating any motorized vehicle in tall grass and vegetation when the weather is hot and dry and never throw smoking materials from vehicles. 


Haley Ritchie

Fire Information Officer, Wildland Fire Management