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Updates on French First Language Secondary School construction project

The Government of Yukon is building a new French First Language Secondary School on the Riverdale campus.

Construction winter information


The new school and its community spaces will provide students and the community facilities that are:

  • modern; and
  • flexible.

Start of construction

Work began in spring 2019.

Completion of construction

We expect completion for winter 2020–21.


Local contractor Ketza Construction is leading the construction.

Construction updates for winter 2019

  • The heating of the building started at the end of October to allow for interior work over the winter.
  • The following work has been completed:
    • school’s foundation;
    • school’s superstructure; and
    • installation of windows.
  • The following work is nearing completion:
    • roofing work;
    • interior framing work; and
    • work on the exterior of the building, including insulation. Exterior siding is expected to be installed starting early spring 2020.
  • The following work is in progress:
    • installation of exterior doors; and
    • mechanical and electrical work.

Safety measures during construction

The highest priority is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of:

  • students;
  • teachers;
  • parents; and
  • visitors to the campus.

There will be some dust, noise and increased traffic.

We will take every precaution to minimize the disruption to:

  • classes;
  • school activities; and
  • the local population.

These measures include:

  • separating the construction area and pathways with fencing and signage;
  • reducing construction traffic in the main school access points;
  • developing a safety communications plan in the event of an incident; and
  • the contractor must provide a safety plan to Occupational Health and Safety.

Reducing the impacts of construction traffic on schools and the local community

Contractors will enter and exit the site from Nisutlin Drive and Selkirk Street. They will not use the access on Lewes Boulevard. Except for the contractor working on the Lewes Boulevard bus drop-off.

We'll work with contractors to limit construction traffic during peak traffic hours.

Ongoing project updates

We'll continue to update the public about the construction of the new French First Language Secondary School.

If you have questions about this project or any safety concerns:

The Government of Yukon will continue to work with the contractor and nearby schools to best meet the overall needs of all users of the Riverdale campus area.

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