Get funding to protect crops and livestock from wildlife

  • Wildlife damage protection program
  • Takhini Valley elk-exclusion fencing funding program
  • About the Canadian Agricultural Partnership

Protecting a farm from damage by wildlife is part of a farm’s risk-management activities. If you prevent conflict between wildlife and a farm, you protect both.

  1. Wildlife damage protection program

    The wildlife damage protection program provides assistance to protect:

    • crops;
    • market gardens;
    • livestock;
    • orchards; and
    • pasture lands.

    Eligible activities

    Examples of eligible activities include:

    • installing game-fencing materials (posts and wire) that stand at minimum 2.1 metres (7 feet) high;
    • wildlife-proofing crop-storage facilities;
    • purchasing supplies, guardian dogs or tools to protect crop and livestock, including:
      • propane cannons;
      • livestock guardian dogs;
      • wolf silhouettes;
      • electric fencing; and
    • other activities designed to prevent damage to agriculture crops, livestock and fencing by wildlife.

    Eligible recipients

    • Producers
    • Agricultural non-profits
    • Governments

    Eligible funding

    Funding is eligible for:

    • up to 50 per cent of project costs with in-kind contributions;
    • up to 60 per cent of projects costs if there are no in-kind contributions; or
    • a maximum of $35,000 during the life of the program.

    Installing game fencing

    Funding is available for a minimum 2.13 metre (7 foot) high game-fencing to protect titled crop lands from wildlife damage.

    The available funding is for up to a maximum of $14.76 per linear metre ($4.50 per linear foot) of fencing.

    Wildlife-proofing crop-storage facilities

    Funding is available for up to 60 per cent of the cost to improve the current building.

    Protecting crops

    Funding is available for up to 60 per cent of the cost of materials, including:

    • fencing;
    • netting;
    • alarms; and
    • repellents.

    Purchasing guardian dogs

    Funding is available for 50 per cent, up to $500, of the cost of a pedigreed livestock guardian dog. The dog must address problems associated with wildlife predation on either crops or livestock.

    Apply for funding

    The Canadian Agricultural Partnership funding program is now fully subscribed. The funding program intake is now closed and we are not accepting new applications. For questions, contact the Agriculture Branch at

    Find out the decision

    A project evaluation committee reviews most applications once a month. The program manager may also review some applications.

    We’ll contact you once a decision has been made. This is usually within 2 weeks of the monthly deadline.

    If your project is approved, we’ll explain the next steps to take. You can also find them in the programming guide.

    Submit documents for final payment

    We’ll release your final payment once you submit:

    • the completed evaluation form;
    • an itemized list of expenses; and
    • copies of receipts.

    You can find project results, excluding financial details, in our annual funding reports.

  2. Takhini Valley elk-exclusion fencing funding program

    Elks can cause damage to high-value forage crops, such as fertilized and managed fields. We have funding to install fencing that prevents such elk-caused damage.

    Eligible types of fencing

    The proposed fencing design needs to prevent further elk-caused damage.

    2.44 metre (8 foot) high game-fencing is preferred. Applicants can propose other designs for consideration, such as 3D or electric fencing.

    Applicants can also propose smaller-sized projects, such as:

    • building fencing to protect a hay-storage area; or
    • extending existing fencing on the property.

    Eligible recipients

    You can apply if you’re an agricultural producer with titled agriculture properties in the Takhini Valley area’s eastern buffer zone (EL22).

    Find out if you’re located in the eastern buffer zone by looking at the 2016 elk management plan.

    The titled agricultural properties must:

    • be in production, demonstrating annual farm sales (contact the Agriculture Branch for minimal levels of sales );
    • have experienced documented conflicts with elk; and
    • have participated in the conflict hunt.

    Eligible funding

    Funding for elk-exclusion fencing is available for up to a maximum of $32.80 per linear metre ($10 per linear foot).

    Apply for funding

    1. Gather your completed documents with information on:
      • the property’s history of elk-caused damages;
      • the type of fencing proposed;
      • quotes for materials required; and
      • a map of the location of the fence in relation to the property.
    2. Contact the Agriculture Branch to discuss your fencing project and apply for funding.
      By phone: 867-667-5838 or toll free: 1-800-661-0408 (ask to be transferred)
      In person: Room 320 in the Elijah Smith Building at 300 Main Street in Whitehorse. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
      Government of Yukon
      Agriculture Branch (K-320A)
      Box 2703
      Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 2C6

    Find out the decision

    We’ll review applications on a case-by-case basis. We’ll review your application within 2 weeks and contact you with any questions.

    We’ll prioritize applicants located in the Takhini Valley who have not previously received financial support for elk-exclusion fencing.

  3. About the Canadian Agricultural Partnership

    The Canadian Agricultural Partnership is a 5-year, $3 billion investment by federal, provincial and territorial governments to strengthen the agriculture and agri-food sector. The program provides funding to help the Yukon’s agriculture industry:

    • increase competitiveness, productivity or profitability;
    • increase environmental sustainability;
    • expand domestic and international markets; and
    • improve the anticipation, mitigation and response to risks.

    The governments of Canada and Yukon fund in part the projects approved under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership program.

    The Canadian Agricultural Partnership offers many programs to support agriculture projects in the Yukon.

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For more information, email You can phone 867-667-5838, toll free in the Yukon 1-800-661-0408 and ask for the Agriculture Branch.