Find child care information for Yukoners

The following day care centres and family day homes have spaces available to provide services:

Day Care Centres

Downtown Whitehorse

Angel Falls Montessori; 668-6090; infant and older

Bambinos Bilingual Montessori Daycare; 393-2285; infant and older

Bright Stars Daycare; 332-2523; infant and older

Bubbles Daycare; 668-2035; infant and older, extended hours

Cheerful Kids Daycare; 667-2070; infant and older

Creative Play Inc.; 667-2761; toddler and older

Early Learning at the Gardens; 333-0816; pre-school

Grow with Joy (2nd Ave.); 332 8181; infant and older

Grow with Joy (4th Ave.); 456-9191; infant and older; 24 hours

Grow with Joy Child Care (Days Inn); 332-8181; infant and school-age

Hummingbirds Preschool; 393-2577; infant and older

La Garderie du Petit Cheval Blanc; 333-6566; infant and older; French first-language only

Laugh n’ Learn Daycare; 332-2502; infant and older

Little Dreamers Daycare; 393-2440; infant and older

Montessori Borealis; 456-7100; pre-school

Three H Preschool Daycare; 393-2821; infant and older

Three H Preschool – Canada; 689-0803 or 393-2817; toddler and pre-school


Boys & Girls Club Learning Tree Daycare; 393-2824 ext. 206; toddler to Kindergarten

Care-A-Lot Daycare; 668-5130; infant and older

Child Development Centre; 456-8182; infant and older

Grow with Joy (Riverdale); 668-3830; infant to pre-school

Happy Hearts Preschool; 335-7896; pre-school to school-age

Happy Hearts Daycare; 335-7895; infant and older

School Age Skills Program; 667-7078; kindergarten and school-age

Teen Parent Access to Education; 667-3421 or 334-3609; infant and older

Porter Creek

Church of the Nazarene Daycare; 633-5520; infant and older

Tree House; 633-4614; pre-school and older

Teddy Bear Bilingual Daycare; 667-2117 or 332-3171; infant, toddler, pre-school

Takhini/Mount McIntyre

Downtown Days 2 Daycare; 667-6776; toddler and older

Nakwaye Ku Daycare; 668-8860; toddler to pre-school


Little Hands Childcare Centre; 334-6580; infants and older


Dusk'a Head Start Family Learning Centre; 633-7816; toddler and older; French language only

La Garderie du Petit Cheval Blanc; 633-6566; infant and older

Nlaye Ndasadaye Daycare; 667-7012/336-0037/332-0872; infant and older

La Garderie du Petit Cheval Blanc School Age Program; 633-6566;  kindergarten and school-age; French language only

Family Day Homes

Downtown Whitehorse

Isabel’s FDH; 332-1721; toddler and older

Lola's FDH; 668-5185; toddler and older


Busy Bee FDH; 633-2177; infants and older

Kidz Retreat FDH; 668-5614; toddler and older

Kidz Spot FDH; 667-6728; toddler and older

Footprints FDH; 334-4457; infants and older, extended-hour care

Twittle Bugs FDH; 334-4922; infants and older


Carrie’s House FDH; 333-3061; pre-school and older

Les Petits Anges De Céline; 668-7241; infants and older


Tammie Nickel FDH; 332-1039; infants and older

Copper Ridge

Crystal’s FDH; 335-2128; infants and older

Porter Creek

Cub’s Den FDH; 689-0878; infants and older

Just Like Home FDH; 335-3142; infants and older

Kopan FDH; 668-7710; infants and older

Koss FDH; 667-6790; infants and older

Toy’s FDH; 633-6768; toddler and older