Holding legislated meetings for organizations: using technology

Ministerial Order MO 2020/14, which is in place under the Civil Emergency Measures Act, bans gatherings of more than 10 people. This can prevent organizations from holding "in‑person" meetings that are required under legislation for:

  • societies;
  • businesses; and
  • other organizations

Ministerial Order MO 2021/03 under the Civil Emergency Measures Act overrides these restrictions. It allows for the option of electronic and teleconference meetings for organizations even if this is not allowed in their:

  • articles;
  • bylaws; or
  • partnership agreements.

Who is eligible?

Yukon’s regulated organizations. This includes societies and other corporations.

What kind of technology can you use?

  • Videoconferencing
  • Teleconferencing

How long is the Order in effect?

From April 1, 2021, until:

  • 90 days after the end of the COVID-19 state of emergency for organizations governed by the Societies Act and Cooperative Associations Act; and
  • 30 days after the end of the emergency for organizations governed by the Partnership and Business Names Act and the Business Corporations Act.

How can you prepare?

Plan ahead to review, consider and allow technology for meetings in the longer term. Update as necessary your:

  • articles;
  • bylaws; and
  • partnership agreements.

This could extend beyond the end of the Order's deadline.

After the Order expires

If you do not make changes to how your meetings can take place, you must follow the existing provisions set out by your:

  • statutes;
  • regulations;
  • articles;
  • bylaws; or
  • partnership agreements.

The Deputy Minister of Community Services adjusted certain deadlines for organizations affected by COVID-19 restrictions and orders to submit annual reports.


If you have questions, email corporateaffairs@gov.yk.ca or phone 667-5314, or toll free in Yukon 1-800-661-0408 extension 5314.