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May 11, 2021

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Tourism Accommodations Sector Supplement

This supplement is part of the Yukon Business Relief Program (YBRP).

If you're a Yukon business that provides traveller accommodation, you may qualify.

This supplement can provide you with up to $400 per room each month, up to the point of breaking even (not suffering a loss but not making a profit). 

How to apply

We’ve added this supplement to the Yukon Business Relief Program application process. 

 You only need to make 1 application to be considered for the: 

  • Yukon Business Relief Program;
  • Tourism Accommodations Sector Supplement (TASS); and 
  • Tourism Non-Accommodation Sector Supplement (TNASS).

Find eligibility criteria and follow the application process on the Yukon Business Relief Program page.

Go to the Yukon Business Relief Program


If you have questions, email