Information current

June 22, 2021

Practise the Safe 6 and wear a mask. For medical questions or if you feel ill phone 811, or launch the COVID-19 self-assessment tool.

For non-medical questions, contact the COVID-19 infoline: email or phone 1-877-374-0425.

Hunting outfitting operations during COVID-19

We've approved some outfitting concessions for self-isolation. Yukon hunting outfitters and their Canadian clients can self-isolate at approved outfitting concessions. The self-isolation period is 14 days.

This does not apply to citizens from other countries, who are not currently allowed to enter Canada due to COVID-19 restrictions put in place by the Government of Canada.

How to apply for a self-isolation exemption

  1. Contact the Yukon Outfitters Association to get their hunting outfitting guidelines. If you're a member of the association, you can access the guidelines from the members' section of the association's website.
  2. Download an operational plan and complete it using the information in the Yukon Outfitters Association’s guidelines.
  3. Submit your operational plan to for review and approval.

We'll get back to you with a response within 48 hours.

After your plan has been approved


Clients and their guides may complete their full 14-day self-isolation period on an outfitting concession, rather than in Whitehorse. Find out how to self-isolate.

Travel in Yukon

Guides and clients must travel directly, without delays or detours, to their specific outfitting concession and self-isolate there.

Clients must leave Yukon and return home immediately should their hunt finish before the end of their 14-day self-isolation.