Mining and quartz exploration guidelines and operating plans: COVID-19

Yukon quartz exploration and mining companies can now self-isolate in their remote work camps. This is possible as long as health and safety measures are followed.

In order for you or your employees to self-isolate in your remote work camp, you must:

Citizens from other countries cannot enter Canada due to COVID-19 restrictions.

How to apply for a self-isolation exemption

  1. Download the operational plan template. Complete it using the quartz exploration and mining companies guidelines.
  2. Submit your operational plan to for review and approval.

If we approve your plan, we're only approving you for alternative self-isolation. Approval does not authorize activity that requires a licence, permit or permission.

You'll also need to get licences, permits and permissions for your operations. Go to our mining page for more info.

We'll do our best to respond within 72 hours or 3 business days.

After your plan is approved


If we approve your plan, you must follow all approved guidelines. These guidelines are outlined in the COVID-19 Operational Guidelines for Quartz Exploration and Mining Companies.

Find out how to self-isolate.

Travel in Yukon

Employees and employers must be transported to the work site without delay or detour.

The guidelines contain more information on how to manage transportation to mining sites.