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May 14, 2021

Keep yourself and others safe: practise the Safe 6 and wear a mask. For medical questions or if you feel ill phone 811 or launch the COVID-19 self-assessment tool.

Organizing a safe activity or event during COVID-19

We've provided guidelines to help you plan different types of events and activities. If you're organizing an event or activity and your plan follows the existing guidelines you do not need to submit anything for review or approval.

Guidelines for events and activities

Read all the guidelines.

If there are no guidelines to follow

If your event or activity does not fall within the guidelines we've developed, you can submit your plan for public health professionals to review.

Your plan should give details of the appropriate safety precautions and mitigations you'll take.

We receive many applications and inquiries so we could take up to 10 business days to get back to you.

Our review will determine the best approach to help you prevent the spread of COVID-19, while providing activities and entertainment for people of all ages.

How to request a review

You have 2 options. 

  • You can request a review of your plan online:

Request a review of events and activities during COVID-19

Operational plans for businesses

If you're an employer you must develop a COVID-19 operational plan. This is a separate process from requesting a review of an event or activity.

You can find the link to the operational plan template when you read Operating businesses safely during COVID-19.


If you have a question about organizing a safe activity or event, email or phone 1-877-374-0425.