Modest design guidelines

Homes purchased or built with support from applicable funding programs from the Yukon Housing Corporation must meet these modest design guidelines.

Floor areas

The maximum floor areas must not exceed the following:

  • Bachelor or 1 bedroom: 750 ft2
  • 2 bedrooms: 1,100 ft2
  • 3 bedrooms: 1,650 ft2
  • 4+ bedrooms: 2,300 ft2

Building guidelines

Designs must be modest and approved by the Yukon Housing Corporation.

Your home must include materials and construction techniques that are simple, efficient and durable, easy to build and maintain, and minimal in cost without sacrificing some architectural expression, performance of building or comfort of residents.

We encourage energy efficient construction and sustainable design principles. 




To make sure the home you want to buy or build meets these requirements email or call 867-667-5759 or Toll Free in Yukon 1-800-661-0408, ext. 5759.