Government of Yukon and Yukon First Nations governments partner to improve access to technology for K–12 Yukon First Nations students

The Government of Yukon and Yukon First Nations governments are partnering to provide $950,000 to purchase 1,300 devices to improve access to technology for Yukon First Nations students in Kindergarten to Grade 12.

The Government of Yukon has committed $478,400 to this initiative, which is being matched by Yukon First Nations governments who will determine how devices are distributed to Citizens in their communities.

This initiative supports joint efforts to support First Nations student learning needs and outcomes as identified in the Joint Education Action Plan and recommendations of the Audit 2019 report on Kindergarten to Grade 12 education in Yukon.

Improved access to technology supports blended learning approaches and more personalized, flexible learning opportunities for students while developing skills for the future, including using digital tools for inquiry, reading, research, work on assignments and collaboration with teachers and classmates. 

We are pleased to partner with Yukon First Nations governments to ensure every First Nations student is successful and supported in their learning. We know COVID-19 has created challenges for many students and families and improved access to technology and learning with digital tools will support equal opportunities for all students to build important skills for future careers and postsecondary education.

Assistant Deputy Minister, First Nation Initiatives, Lori Duncan 

COVID 19 has brought many challenges to our First Nation learners, but it has also brought many unique opportunities. The Yukon First Nations Education Directorate (YFNED) is honoured to be part of this initiative and we know that by making education a priority, we create a caring environment for boosting students’ self-esteem, which in turn boosts academic achievement.

Executive Director, Yukon First Nations Education Directorate, Melanie Bennett

Quick facts 
  • The Government of Yukon works with Yukon First Nations governments on a government-to-government basis at the community level and at the Yukon-wide level to implement the Joint Education Action Plan 2014–2024, which focuses on:

    • supporting First Nation student learning needs and outcomes;
    • implementing culturally inclusive schools;
    • collaboration on protocols and evaluation; and
    • First Nations education priorities and capacity building, including providing Yukon First Nations with more authority and responsibility over the education of their Citizens.

Janine Workman
Cabinet Communications

Adrianna Wondga
Yukon First Nations Education Directorate

Maria Paré
Communications, Education

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