Learn about the Yukon's school boards

  • Information about the Yukon's 2 school boards
  • Responsibilities of school boards and trustees
  • Commission scolaire francophone du Yukon
  • First Nation School Board

  1. Information about the Yukon's 2 school boards

    Under the Education Act the Minister of Education has oversight of all public schools and school boards in the Yukon. 

    In the Yukon, we have 2 school boards:

    • the Commission scolaire francophone du Yukon; and
    • the First Nation School Board.


    The Commission scolaire francophone du Yukon operates and manages the following schools:

    • École Émilie-Tremblay, Whitehorse
    • Centre Scolaire Secondaire Communautaire Mercier (CSSC Mercier), Whitehorse
    • Programme en français de Dawson, Dawson City
    • École Nomade (Kindergarten to Grade 12 home-school programming).


    The Yukon First Nation School Board operates and manages the following schools:

    • Chief Zzeh Gittlit School, Old Crow
    • Grey Mountain Primary School, Whitehorse
    • Johnson Elementary School, Watson Lake
    • Nelnah Bessie John School, Beaver Creek
    • Ross River School, Ross River
    • St. Elias Community School, Haines Junction
    • Takhini Elementary School, Whitehorse
    • Watson Lake Secondary School, Watson Lake 
    • Eliza Van Bibber School, Pelly Crossing 
    • Ghùch Tlâ Community School, Carcross 
    • Kluane Lake School, Destruction Bay 


    The Minister of Education is responsible for the operation and management of all other public schools in the Yukon. These schools are not part of a board, and have school councils responsible for: 

    • participating in selecting principals;
    • developing and approving school-based policies and school rules;
    • providing advice to the Minister of Education on school programs; and 
    • other responsibilities. 

    To learn more review the Education Act for the complete roles and responsibilities of the school board and school councils. 

    School board trustee elections

    Every 3 years, Elections Yukon holds a general election for school board trustees. 

    The last general election was held on November 7, 2022. The next general election will be in the fall of 2025. Find out more information at ElectionsYukon.ca

  2. Responsibilities of school boards and trustees

    School boards 

    The Education Act outlines the authorities and responsibilities a school board carries out, including: 

    • operating the schools in its education area;
    • selecting staff, which includes:
      • principals and teachers;
      • managing hiring, dismissal, discipline, transfer, promotion and demotion; subject to the Act and any applicable collective agreement; 
    • reviewing, modifying and approving the school plan;
    • setting the calendars for schools they operate;
    • providing educational programs for students;
    • establishing policies for the operations of the schools under the umbrella of operation;
    • receiving and managing funds including funding they receive from the Department of Education;
    • assessing and evaluating the schools every 5 years;
    • providing reports to the Minister of Education;
    • creating a parent advisory group for a school;
    • arranging for the examination and investigation of student progress and the system of instruction.


    School board trustees

    School board trustees represent the public and advocate for public education within their communities and their schools. Their role is to oversee the planning and operation of the schools under their school board and ensure the schools reflect local priorities, values and expectations. School board trustees should understand their communities, challenges and needs.  

    Current CSFY school board trustees. 

    Current First Nation School Board trustees

  3. Commission scolaire francophone du Yukon

    The Yukon Francophone School Board, la Commission scolaire francophone du Yukon (CSFY) manages French First Language programs.


    For more information about French First Language programs, visit the Commission scolaire francophone du Yukon, call École Émilie-Tremblay or CSSC Mercier at 867-667-8150.

    Find out about other French second language programs in schools.

  4. First Nation School Board

    The Government of Yukon and Chiefs Committee on Education officially established the Yukon First Nation School Board on February 14, 2022.

    First Nation School Board schools continue to follow British Columbia’s curriculum. The school board will decide on teaching materials, resources and approaches to reflect Yukon First Nations ways of knowing, doing and being.

    For more information, visit the First Nation School Board's website. 


    For questions about the First Nation School Board, email [email protected] or [email protected]. Call 867-667-6962 extension 103 or 867-332-5290.