Pay property taxes

When property taxes are due

Property taxes are due on July 2 of every year. Since July 2, 2023 falls on a Sunday and July 3 is a holiday, tax payments will be accepted until July 4, 2023.

Your property is rural and outside a Yukon municipality

  • If you live on a rural property, your roll number at the top of the property tax notice will begin with a "Y".
  • You can pay your 2023 taxes online until July 4, 2023 without penalty. You can also submit your Home Owners Grant application at this time.
  • Payments made after the July 4 deadline are subject to a 10% penalty.
  • You will get your tax notice in the mail by May 30. If you do not receive it by May 30, contact our office.

Pay rural property taxes

Your property is in a Yukon municipality

If your property is located within a Yukon municipality, you need to contact your municipal office.


For questions about paying your property taxes email or phone 867-667-5268 or toll free in Yukon 1-800-661-0408, extension 5268.