Amendments to Elections Act tabled

Today Premier Sandy Silver tabled proposed amendments to the Elections Act that would expand access to voting by special ballot, and allow for greater flexibility and more convenient registration and voting options.

The proposed amendments were identified by Elections Yukon and recommended by the Members’ Services Board. They focus on improving data sharing between Elections Yukon and other public agencies and creating the systems needed to better implement the permanent electronic database of Yukon voters. These changes would lead to a more complete, accurate and up-to-date voters list, and enable more Yukoners to receive election reminders and important information about voting options and processes, such as when and where to vote. 

The proposed amendments would also allow anyone to vote by special ballot, allowing any elector who cannot or does not wish to vote at a polling station during an election to apply to vote using a special ballot. Currently, voting by special ballot is restricted and there are varying conditions and application deadlines for different categories of voters.

These proposed amendments are designed to strengthen our democracy and ensure the integrity of the election process. The changes would fully operationalize the Yukon permanent voter database and make voting processes clearer and more accessible. Bringing forward these changes now will provide Elections Yukon with the time needed to develop the new permanent Yukon voter register.

Premier Sandy Silver


Matthew Cameron
Cabinet Communications
Government of Yukon

Maxwell Harvey
Chief Electoral Officer
Elections Yukon

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