Aviation fees waived

The Government of Yukon is waiving all airport landing, aircraft parking fees and loading fees in Yukon.

This change will save approximately $210, 000 for businesses and the tourism industry and incentivize carriers of all sizes to visit and stay in Yukon. These changes will help address the economic struggles brought on by COVID-19 and promote economic recovery for Yukon’s aviation businesses in the coming months.   

Other help for Yukon businesses and tourism operators include Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety changes, as well as working with the Tourism Advisory Council and Business Advisory Council to find Yukon-made solutions for the local impacts of a global problem.

Yukon’s aviation industry is critical to our territory’s economic success. Not only does it support our livelihoods, it connects our communities and our families. This change will help the industry through this time and ensure that, in the immediate, medical travel, freight and timely items such as COVID-19 tests continue to move unimpeded.

Minister of Finance Sandy Silver

Quick facts 
  • These changes will be in effect on April 1 and will last until December 31, 2020.

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Sunny Patch
Cabinet Communications

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Communications, Finance

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