Burbot catch limit decreases in some Yukon lakes

To ensure the sustainability of the burbot harvest, a regulation change will come into effect on December 1, 2020, to reduce the catch limit in smaller Yukon lakes to three per day and six in possession.

This change is necessary because there has been an increase in burbot fishing, and recent population estimates indicate burbot population sizes in our smaller lakes are less than previously thought. In order to ensure burbot fisheries are managed responsibly, the Government of Yukon is reducing catch and possession limits. This will help make sure the resource remains healthy for future generations of Yukon anglers to enjoy.

The Government of Yukon is proud to work in partnership with Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board to put this important regulation change in place. Reducing catch and possession limits for fishing will protect these freshwater species, ensuring the populations remains sustainable now and for future generations.

Minister of Environment Pauline Frost

Quick facts 
  • As participation rates in the burbot fishery grow, harvest of burbot is increasing. 

  • Population surveys conducted since 2011 indicate smaller population than would be expected for lakes of similar size in Alaska or northern British Columbia, suggesting that our lakes are not as productive.  

  • The change will only apply to lakes that are smaller than 2,500 hectares or for larger lakes where the burbot population was assessed as vulnerable. Currently, the only large lake where the new regulation will apply is Dezadeash Lake.  

  • The limits for all other large lakes will remain at current catch and possession limits. Find a list of lakes and limits here.

  • This regulation change was made through the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board regulation change process, with public engagement occurring over the winter of 2019–20. 


Matthew Cameron
Cabinet Communications

Diana Dryburgh-Moraal
Communications, Environment

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