Corporate Statutes Amendment Act tabled

Minister of Community Services John Streicker tabled Bill 15 today. The Bill would amend the 2018 Societies Act, the Business Corporations Act and the Cooperative Associations Act.

The amendments incorporate best practices and lessons learned from other jurisdictions into Yukon’s societies legislation. For consistency, some related technical amendments are also proposed to the Business Corporations Act and the Cooperative Associations Act.

The proposed amendments provide clearer guidance on processes for societies regarding their governance and operations, including:

  • requirements for up-to-date reporting of directors’ terms of office and their contact information;
  • reporting of remuneration of employee positions in a society, including contractors that are paid a minimum yearly amount, to be set in the regulations, actual names would not be required to be reported; 
  • societies would be able to hold online or teleconference meetings, subject to each society’s bylaws;
  • societies would have an opportunity to adopt modernized model bylaws with options to choose from;
  • notice of upcoming general meetings would be allowed to be sent by email, but only if members provide their email address for this specific reason; and
  • clarification that the prohibition of individuals subject to guardianship orders from being directors would only apply where the guardianship order relates to an individual being incapable of managing legal or financial matters.

These amendments would provide Yukon societies with clearer guidance, reduce red tape, and allow for online and other meeting formats, while also providing for the accountabilities that they have requested. The changes will help societies streamline administration and focus more on providing the quality programs and supports relied on and enjoyed by so many Yukoners. Thanks to the Human Rights Commission for their suggestions on how to make society and business boards as inclusive as possible.

Minister of Community Services John Streicker

Quick facts 
  • As of August 2020, there were over 877 societies registered in Yukon. The Corporate Affairs branch also maintains corporate registries of more than 5,867 corporations and over 5,372 partnerships and business names.


Janine Workman
Cabinet Communications

Bonnie Venton Ross
Communications, Community Services

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