Find a Family Doctor online program launched

In partnership with the Yukon Medical Association, the Government of Yukon is pleased to launch Find a Family Doctor, an online program that matches Yukoners with physicians who are registered in the program and accepting new patients.

Whitehorse and surrounding area residents are a click away from being matched with a doctor. The online registration makes it easy for eligible individuals to find a family doctor for them and their family.

We have been working hard to find the best system to match Yukoners in need of a doctor with available physicians. The Find a Family Doctor program will enable us to match individuals with physicians and inform us on the current demand for family doctors. This new service will complement our ongoing recruitment and retention efforts to better serve Yukoners.

Minister of Health and Social Services Pauline Frost

The YMA is excited to partner with the Yukon government on the Find a Family Doctor Program. Family doctors are the cornerstone of delivering quality primary care in the territory and access to care is a priority issue for the YMA. We are activity working to improve access to physicians and this program is a critical part of that endeavour.

President of the Yukon Medical Association Dr. Katharine Smart

Quick facts 
  • The wait time to be matched will depend on how many doctors have signed up and how many people are looking for a match.

  • To be eligible to the program Yukoners need to have a valid Yukon Health Insurance Plan card, not have a family doctor and live in Whitehorse or the surrounding areas.

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Cabinet Communications

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Health and Social Services

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