Five Yukon youth honoured for outstanding contributions to community

Five Yukoners are receiving the Outstanding Youth Achievement Award in recognition for outstanding service and contributions to their communities. Cassie Johnston, Emi Blanchard, Benji Robertson, Caius Taggart-Cox and Micah Taggart-Cox are recipients of the 2019 award.

The award recognizes youth who go above and beyond to contribute to the wellbeing of their communities. Those who receive the award demonstrate a unique passion for volunteering, fundraising, helping seniors and Elders, and acting as positive role models and ambassadors for their communities. Award winners receive a cash prize of $250 from the Youth Directorate, a certificate of recognition from the Commissioner’s office and are featured on posters in their community.

"It is an honour for me to present this award to the 2019 recipients. I am always amazed at the level of commitment they show towards their communities. Congratulations!"

Commissioner of Yukon Angélique Bernard

“Congratulations to this year’s award recipients. By volunteering their time, sharing their passion and knowledge, and encouraging active lifestyles, these youths are enriching Yukon communities and inspiring youth across the territory. Keep it up!”

Minister of Education Tracy-Anne McPhee

Quick facts 
  • Youth between the ages of 15 and 20 can be nominated for an Outstanding Youth Achievement Award. Nominations are accepted between January 1 and June 1 every year.


Biographies of 2019 Outstanding Youth Achievement Award recipients

Micah and Caius Taggart-Cox

Micah, 17, and Caius, 15, are being recognized for their work as volunteer ski coaches in the Marsh Lake Jackrabbit Club, along with being outstanding ambassadors for the Community of Marsh Lake. They both can be found assisting at numerous gatherings and events at the Marsh Lake Community Centre and assisting with activities for the younger children in the community. Micah and Caius are very accomplished musicians, who have excelled on the piano and the fiddle. They can be seen performing at various community events, as well as mentoring younger musicians in the same program that they learned in. Micah and Caius consistently find ways to help others in their community, including being available to help those around them with various odd jobs that need to be done. They are outstanding role models for younger children, encouraging them to participate in various sporting activities and teaching them the value of dedication and responsibility.

Benji Robertson

Benji, 16, is being recognized for his commitment to being a leader for younger children in the Whitehorse breakdance community. He is an active member of the Extremely Moving Youth Society (EMYS), and Krush Groove, the elite dance group at Leaping Feats. Benji can be found performing at various community events such as Rendezvous, Family Day, Canada Day and many more. He is also an assistant dance instructor at Leaping Feats, and is committed to helping develop the next generation of great dancers in Whitehorse. Benji is also a role model for children struggling with school, children struggling with learning disabilities, and children who are struggling with self-confidence. He uses dance and dance instruction to demonstrate leadership and peer motivation to help keep young dancers involved and engaged. He is helping build and maintain a positive community for young dancers in Whitehorse.

Cassie Johnston

Cassie, 16, is being recognized for her commitment to being an ambassador for her hometown of Teslin. She is a presence at every community event at the Teslin Recreation Complex, volunteering her time to help with setting up tables, decorating, serving the seniors and elders in the community, and cleaning up after events. She can also be found volunteering at the concession stand for minor hockey events, community dances, and other youth events in the community. Cassie lives a healthy, positive lifestyle, and is a role model for the other youth in her community. As a past winner of the Tommy Dewhurst Award for citizenship, Cassie is recognized as someone who makes Teslin a better place to live every day.

Emi Blanchard

Emi, 17, is being recognized for her commitment to having a positive impact on her home community of Mayo. Emi has taken initiative to be a strong role model and leader for the youth in her community. She has a passion for childhood education, and is always working to be a positive influence on the growth and development of the youth in Mayo, especially through her work at the community daycare. She is also a very enthusiastic learner, always trying to develop and improve her own skillset. Emi displays effortless joy and enthusiasm in everything that she does, which plays a key role in teaching younger children to stay engaged and enthused in their activities. She is a true ambassador for her community, and a leader for those who look up to her.


Alexis Miller
Communications, Executive Council Office

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