Flight simulator investment to boost Yukon’s aviation industry

Joint news release with the Government of Canada and Alkan Air

The Governments of Canada, Yukon and Alkan Air today announced the opening of a new flight simulator for Yukon College’s Aviation Management diploma program.

There is an increasing demand for pilots across the country and Yukon is no exception. The territory’s mining, tourism, outfitting and scientific research industries depend upon them. This investment offers a major boost for the territory’s aviation industry and offers Yukoners the opportunity to train and work locally, which supports the diversification of Yukon’s economy. 

The simulator is located at Alkan Air’s flight school, who are partners in Yukon College’s Aviation Management diploma program. Graduates of the college’s program enjoy greater hiring and career advancement opportunities in aviation.

Through this partnership with Alkan Air, the new, innovative flight simulator will enhance the one-of-a-kind, northern wilderness, flying education offered right here in Yukon. I am happy to see the Government of Canada, the Government of Yukon, Yukon College and our local aviation industry working together to provide such valuable skills development and training services in the North.

Member of Parliament for Yukon Larry Bagnell

The Government of Yukon is committed to making strategic investments to diversify and grow Yukon’s economy.  Investing in this flight simulator provides Yukoners with the opportunity to acquire skills here in the territory and help to build capacity in our local aviation industry.

Minister of Economic Development Ranj Pillai

The simulator is a key component to flight instruction in any flight school environment. This simulator will enhance the educational component for all the flight school students.

Alkan Air president Wendy Tayler

This new simulator is an investment in the future graduates of the Aviation Management diploma program. It is an invaluable training tool that enables students to safely explore a range of challenging flight circumstances helping them become the calm, resourceful pilots the North, and Canada, needs.

Yukon College President Dr. Karen Barnes

Quick facts 
  • The Governments of Canada and Yukon each contributed $100,000, with Alkan Air contributing $46,463.

  • The money that student pilots spend for training will feed directly back into Yukon’s economy instead of being spent at flight schools in other jurisdictions.

  • There are currently eight students in the Aviation Management diploma program. The program began in fall 2016.

  • The enclosed flight simulator has motion capability for greater realism. Pilots can train on up to 34 types of aircraft, and there is capability to add more.

  • The flight simulator is approved by Transport Canada and allows licensed pilots to remain in Yukon for annual testing.

Sierra Van der Meer
Regional Director, Yukon Region
Sunny Patch
Cabinet Communications
Jason Seaton
Communications Advisor, Economic Development
Corey Kanzig
Growth and Development
Alkan Air
Michael Vernon
Communications Advisor
Yukon College
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