Government of Yukon announces funding in school technology for better student learning

Teachers in an Applied Design Skills and Technology Learning Circus event at the Department of Education. This training included topics like coding, robotics, 3-D printing, laser cutting, Google Expeditions virtual field trips and inquiry-based learning.

The Government of Yukon will invest $1.9 million in 2018–19 to improve school-based information technology and embrace modern teaching and learning practices.

This funding will support equipping schools with more computing devices to create mobile computer labs that bring digital learning directly to the classroom. It will also support connectivity projects to increase student access to global information. These projects will support the redesigned curriculum and enable flexible, collaborative learning environments in all Yukon schools.

Through this investment, a new information portal will also be developed for parents to connect with the student information system to see their child’s learning progress on an ongoing basis.

By increasing access to mobile devices in the classroom, we can empower teachers and students to explore their passion, personalize their learning and develop essential skills for the future. New technology will allow for greater flexibility, foster communication competency and provide opportunities for deeper, richer learning experiences for all of our diverse learners.

Minister of Education Tracy-Anne McPhee

Quick Facts 
  • Computing devices will be replaced every three years, which is now the recommended lifespan to keep up with current technology.

  • This year’s budget reflects work to extend technology beyond the computer labs and into classrooms, in the community and out on the land.

  • Over the next three years, schools will be transitioning to primarily use mobile devices so that students can access modern digital learning materials – such as eTextbooks.

  • Upgrades will take place in waves of 10 schools at a time over three years. Instructional leaders will be identified to provide enhanced targeted support to teachers.


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Cabinet Communications

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Communications, Education

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