Government of Yukon decreases barriers for accessing medical abortion medication

Through a partnership with the Yukon Hospital Corporation, the Government of Yukon is now offering universal coverage of Mifegymiso, the medication used for medical abortions. This partnership ensures that Yukoners have low-barrier options and more equal access to abortion services.

Mifegymiso is often preferable to surgical abortions, but the high retail cost makes it inaccessible for many patients. Yukon is joining other Canadian jurisdictions in covering the cost of the medication, providing a safe and accessible alternative to surgical abortion.

We are pleased to be working with the Yukon Hospital Corporation and Yukon physicians to offer universal coverage of Mifegymiso. This initiative reduces barriers and provides more equal access for those seeking abortion services. Offering Mifegymiso at no cost is one way to ensure that Yukoners are able to access the best possible care for their sexual and reproductive health.

Minister of Health and Social Services Pauline Frost

We are pleased to be partnering with the Government of Yukon to provide Mifegymiso to Yukoners. This initiative will increase women’s health care choices and improve health service equity in the territory.

Yukon Hospital Corporation CEO Jason Bilsky

The Yukon Medical Association and Yukon Registered Nurses Association are in full support of universal coverage of Mifegymiso in Yukon. This is very welcome news following an encouraging trend towards safe access for women to this medication across nearly the whole country now.

Yukon Medical Association and Yukon Registered Nurses Association

Quick facts 
  • In Canada, there are 2 options for abortions: surgical and medical (Mifegymiso). The cost of a surgical abortion is already fully covered.

  • Mifegymiso is a 2-drug combination that is used to medically terminate a pregnancy up to 9 weeks’ gestation.

  • The medication is available in 60 countries and has been in use for approximately 30 years.

  • It has maintained an outstanding safety record throughout the world and provides a safe and accessible alternative to surgical abortion.

  • To access the drug, patients are to visit their family doctor, the Yukon Sexual Health Clinic or a walk-in clinic.

  • Use of Mifegymiso requires follow-up with the prescribing physician. For this reason, coverage will be based out of hub communities with full-time, resident physicians – Whitehorse, Haines Junction, Dawson City and Watson Lake.

  • Residents of other communities can access Mifegymiso at no cost through a physician in the closest community hub listed above. 

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