Government of Yukon holds workshop on landfill liability

Landfill operators from across Yukon were in Whitehorse yesterday for a landfill liability workshop.

Landfills are expensive to operate and monitor. They are also very costly to close after they are filled with waste. Landfill liability is the cost associated with closing a landfill and carrying out the environmental monitoring required at the end of its life.

Workshop participants discussed managing landfill risks, regulatory requirements for landfill closure, elements of landfill closure and a new accounting standard for landfill liability.

The workshop is a result of recommendations from the Ministerial Committee on Solid Waste, a partnership between the Government of Yukon, Association of Yukon Communities and the City of Whitehorse. The committee recently issued recommendations to improve Yukon’s solid waste management system across the territory, including developing a stronger understanding of landfill liability responsibilities and processes.

All Yukoners have a role to play in responsible waste management. This includes managing the lifespan of our various territorial landfills. With our community partners, we’re working towards a more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable solid waste system.

Minister of Community Services John Streicker

Quick facts 
  • The Government of Yukon operates 16 rural transfer stations and solid waste disposal sites in unincorporated areas, including Marsh Lake, Ross River, and Destruction Bay. Transfer stations transport household waste from the community to Whitehorse for final disposal.

  • The Ministerial Committee on Solid Waste report was released in April 2018. It includes several recommendations to improve the territory’s solid waste management system which have been endorsed by the Government of Yukon.

  • The Committee’s immediate priorities include creating a regionalization strategy to more efficiently concentrate landfill and transfer sites and adding more materials to the Designated Materials Regulation.

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