Government of Yukon passes new regulation to manage use of off-road vehicles

Government of Yukon passes new regulation to manage use of off-road vehicles

The Government of Yukon’s new Off-Road Vehicle Management Area Regulation will allow additional control of off-road vehicle use in identified areas in Yukon.

The regulation will provide an effective regime to prevent, reduce and mitigate the environmental impacts of off-road vehicle use on public land, while recognizing the needs of responsible off-road vehicle users.

The new regulation will also assist the Government of Yukon in meeting commitments made with respect to planned areas such as the Peel watershed region and Ddhaw Ghro Habitat Protection Area.

The Off-Road Vehicle Management Area Regulation was developed following extensive engagement with Yukon First Nations, stakeholders and the public over the last decade.

Yukoners have told us that regulating off-road vehicle use is needed to address environmental impacts related to increased ORV use in the backcountry and we have listened.  Off-road vehicles give Yukoners access to the backcountry for work, hunting and recreation, and this access may have impacts on sensitive terrain and habitats.  Our government has worked with Yukoners to develop regulations that will protect the landscape and continue to allow people to use their off-road vehicles responsibly for work and recreation.

Energy, Mines and Resources Minister Ranj Pillai

Quick facts 
  • The regulation of off-road vehicles covers all-terrain vehicles such as quads, side-by-sides, amphibious vehicles such as ARGOs, mini-bikes, dirt bikes and any motor vehicle that is being driven elsewhere than a highway, regardless of whether it is registered under the Motor Vehicles Act

  • The Regulation initially creates three Management Areas, including Alpine Areas, a portion of the Peel Watershed region and the Ddhaw Ghro Habitat Protection Area. Providing direction for Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) restriction in these special places enables the Government of Yukon to meet commitments made in the context of those planning processes. These management areas do not restrict the use of snowmobiles.


Renee Francoeur
Cabinet Communications

Rod Jacob
Communications, Energy, Mines and Resources

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