Government of Yukon wins 2018 ENERGY STAR® Award

Joint news release with the Government of Canada

The Government of Yukon’s Energy Branch has won the 2018 ENERGY STAR® Canada Award in the category of Utility Energy Efficiency Program Administrator of the Year.

Through the Good Energy Rebate Program, the Government of Yukon has consistently promoted a wide selection of qualifying ENERGY STAR products. Products include high-efficiency home heating systems and domestic appliances, ENERGY STAR Zone 3 windows for residential or commercial building renovations and light sensors for LED lighting system upgrades in commercial or institutional buildings.

The ENERGY STAR program is an integral part of the Government of Yukon’s Good Energy Rebate program. The Energy Branch provided high visibility to the ENERGY STAR brand in its Good Energy Program promotional materials to increase awareness, conducted outreach with point-of-sale staff to help communicate the benefits of ENERGY STAR-certified products to consumers, and enabled Yukon residents and businesses to take advantage of ENERGY STAR-related rebates and incentives.

The award recognizes excellence in promoting the most energy-efficient products available in Canada.

We are committed to working with First Nation governments, communities, the private sector and Yukon residents to improve the energy efficiency of our homes and buildings and to reduce our collective energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. The Good Energy Rebate Program incentivizes Yukoners to do just that and we are proud of what we have been able to achieve to date. Thank you to our Energy Branch for their dedicated efforts and to Yukoners for their keen participation in the program. This is what has made the Good Energy Rebate Program such a success.

The Honourable Ranj Pillai, Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources

Congratulations to the Government of Yukon for supporting and promoting ENERGY STAR products. Improving energy efficiency contributes first-hand to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and the Good Energy Rebate Program is making it easier for Canadians to save energy and money while protecting the planet. We thank you for your ongoing commitment to improving the availability of energy efficient products in Canada.

The Honourable Jim Carr, Minister of Natural Resources

Quick facts 
  • Since 2007, the popular Good Energy Rebate Program has successfully delivered over 15,780 rebates to Yukon residents, displacing 32 kilotonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, saving 11.4 gigawatt-hours of energy, and resulting in a savings of $6.5 million in energy costs. The energy saved is enough energy to power approximately 950 non-electrically-heated homes in Yukon for one year.

  • ENERGY STAR Canada is a 17-year-long energy efficiency success story. The program is a voluntary partnership between the Government of Canada and 1,500+ organizations working to use our natural resources more wisely through greater energy efficiency.

  • Behind each ENERGY STAR label is a product, home, industrial facility or building that is independently certified to use less energy and cause fewer of the emissions that contribute to climate change. ENERGY STAR is Canada's simple choice to save energy, save money and save our environment.

  • The Government of Yukon last won an ENERGY STAR® Canada Award in the Provincial/Territorial Government Organization of the Year category in 2003.

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