The Government of Yukon is working to improve services to LGBTQ2S+ communities

Two new reports about improving services to Yukon’s LGBTQ2S+ communities, complete with public engagement results and associated recommendations, are now available to the public.

A What We Heard report includes feedback from LGBTQ2S+ Yukoners and allies, while the second report with 70 recommendations was informed by that feedback and best practices for LGBTQ2S+ inclusion.

A public survey to better inform planning for short, medium and long-term government initiatives to better serve LGBTQ2S+ Yukoners is also being launched today. The survey asks participants to rate the importance and impact of issues and actions from the What We Heard document. Following the survey, the Government of Yukon will develop an action plan to strengthen LGBTQ2S+ inclusion in Government of Yukon legislation, policies, programs, services and practices. The survey is open for public feedback until June 15.

The Government of Yukon is committed to a people-centred approach to wellness that helps all Yukoners thrive and making positive, real-life changes for our LGBTQ2S+ communities. This feedback will help make our programs, practices and services more inclusive so that they better serve LGBTQ2S+ Yukoners.

Minister Responsible for the Women’s Directorate Jeanie Dendys

Quick facts 
  • The LGBTQ2S+ public engagement took place from November 2018 to the end of March 2019. The public engagement and resulting recommendations report was led by QMUNITY, a BC non-profit organization that works to improve the lives of LGBTQ2S+ people.

  • Prior to this comprehensive public engagement, the Government of Yukon conducted a review of legislation, policies and services, with a view to modernizing them to be inclusive of LGBTQ2S+ Yukoners.

  • To date, a number of acts have been updated: Vital Statistics Act, Human Rights Act, Gender Diversity and Related Amendments Act, Equality of Spouses Act, and Public Service Labour Relations Act, and the Married Women’s Property Act has been repealed.

  • The acronym LGBTQ2S+ refers to lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, Two-Spirit, plus individuals.

Media contact 

Lisa Bucher
Cabinet Communications

Breagha Fraser
Communications, Women’s Directorate

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