Health and Social Services identifies internal improvements through Comprehensive Review

Improved service to Yukoners is the focus of 14 internal improvements identified in the first phase of the Health and Social Services Comprehensive Review.

The first phase of the review, which wrapped up at the end of January, included reviewing all programs and services delivered by the Department of Health and Social Services. This internal review identified several improvements, including: social assistance payments to be deposited directly into the bank accounts of clients; introducing electronic drug prescriptions for easier transmission to pharmacies; better use of the departmental clinical psychologist to work across the department; and introducing an online navigator to help individuals identify where they can go to seek assistance with the department.

The review also identified several internal efficiencies including streamlined internal processes around payment models, improved use of mobile devices and more flexible staffing.

Over the first part of the Comprehensive Review significant analysis identified internal improvements to programs and services that support Yukoners. These improvements are in various stages of planning and implementation and Yukoners will hear more about them in the coming months.

Minister of Health and Social Services Pauline Frost


14 HSS Internal Improvements



Streamlined Accounts Payable

The Department is improving its accounts payable process so that it is more streamlined, less administrative, and less likely to cause data entry errors.  This will help to free up staff time.

Enhanced Online Navigation of programs and services


The Department is working to create a centralized, simplified directory to help Yukoners and staff to identify relevant Health and Social Services programs and services to better support their needs. This will save time for Yukoners by facilitating access to the information they need, when they need it while also avoiding unnecessary calls and visits to Health and Social Services points of service.

Implement ePrescribing  

The Department is working to implement electronic transmission of prescriptions between a prescriber and the client’s pharmacy of choice. Electronic transmission is considered more secure.

Reduced mobile device costs and enhanced security.


The Department has reduced spending on mobile device acquisition plans and has improved the protection of publicly held Personal Information and Personal Health Information through securing corporate mobile devices.

Improved Clinical Psychology Staffing Model

Changes in the staffing model of a departmental clinical psychologist to support client and program needs and better utilize services. The Department will continue to explore a more effective staffing model, where the psychologist works across the divisions to support programs, and to reduce the reliance on external contracts or medical travel to provide psychology supports to clients.

Modernized Digital Approvals


More efficient delegation of authorities to make full use of technology where possible and appropriate. This will allow the Department to move away from paper-based processes and improve the timeliness and accountability of signing approvals.

Enhanced Payment Options for Social Assistance

Within the next year, the Department will update the social assistance regulation to allow for electronic funds transfer and direct deposit. This reduces barriers for recipients to access funds and reduces administrative efforts.  

Flexible Staffing Models

Flexible staffing options will better meet the needs of emerging work pressures and better assist clients as they move through the health system.

Aligning Health Care Cards and Driver’s Licenses

The Department of Health and Social Services will work with the Department of Highways and Public Works to align the Yukon’s health care cards and driver’s licenses. This will improve the public’s experience when obtaining government services, and is consistent other jurisdictions such as British Columbia.

Implement pre-authorized Debits for Continuing Care Clients

To reduce the stress and anxiety of Continuing Care residents and their families the Department is working to implement new ways for Continuing Care residents to pay their fees more easily.

Privacy Impact Assessment


To shorten wait times for document approval and reduce staff time making revisions, the Department will ensure all Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) are completed and reviewed in a consistent manner before leaving the Department. This will save time, resources, and will enhance PIA process and compliance with legal and policy obligations

Transitional Benefits for Social Assistance Clients

To improve the wellness of Yukoners when they transition off of social assistance the Department is taking steps to update its policy to provide transitional benefits to more clients and to put measures in place to better support clients to be successful as they transition off social assistance.

Pension Solvency


The Department is working with the Yukon Hospital Corporation to address the issue of pension solvency in the Corporation.

Reviewing Procurement Processes


The Department is reviewing all procurement processes and activities across divisions and the Yukon Hospital Corporation to improve its procurement planning, coordination and purchasing with the goal of securing efficiencies, cost savings and streamlined processes.




Lisa Bucher
Cabinet Communications

Pat Living
Communications, Health and Social Services

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