Health professionals receive training in transgender healthcare

Yukon health professionals, including physicians, will receive education and training to provide compassionate and culturally sensitive transgender care on June 13, 14 and 15 in Whitehorse.

The Department of Health and Social Services is coordinating the World Professional Association for Transgender Health course which will be facilitated by physicians specializing in transgender health.

The professionally accredited course educates clinicians in competent, compassionate and culturally sensitive transgender care that is based on universal best practices. International experts will provide training in gender development; related mental health issues; legal, policy and ethical issues; and hormonal and surgical interventions.

Improving delivery of health-care services to Yukon’s LGBTQ2S+ community is a priority for the Government of Yukon.  Thank you to All Genders Yukon and the Northern Gender Alliance for their guidance as we worked to bring WPATH training to Yukon. I look forward to continued collaboration with all community stakeholders as we work to make our health-care system more inclusive.

Minister of Health and Social Services Pauline Frost

Quick facts 
  • WPATH training has been offered only once before in Canada. This is the first time it is being offered at no cost to participants.

  • Whitehorse-born writer and storyteller Ivan Coyote will provide a keynote address.


Matthew Cameron
Cabinet Communications

Michael Edwards
Communications, Health and Social Services

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