Homeowners, businesses and communities to save money with energy efficiency upgrades

The Government of Canada and the Government of Yukon are jointly investing a total of $41.3 million to support energy efficiency retrofits for residential, commercial and institutional buildings throughout Yukon over the next three years.

These energy efficiency programs will help First Nations governments, municipalities, businesses, local industries and homeowners reduce energy waste and make buildings more efficient, comfortable and affordable to operate.

The Whitehorse United Church is the first project to receive funding under the commercial and institutional building incentive. Upgrading the insulation in the roof of the church will lower the building’s energy consumption.

Government officials will work with First Nations governments, municipalities, businesses and local industries to identify further projects in the coming months.

We are taking real action on climate change. By improving efficiency in residential housing and businesses, the people of the Yukon can be proud that their governments are supporting programs that will result in energy savings and reduced costs, while reducing pollution.

Member of Parliament Larry Bagnell

Thanks to our partnership with the Government of Canada we can help Yukon families, First Nations communities and local businesses make their residences, commercial or institutional buildings more energy efficient. Bringing Yukon’s existing building stock to modern energy efficient standards will help to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions while creating good jobs in the building trades and construction industry.

Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources Ranj Pillai

Improving the energy efficiency of existing housing in Yukon will ensure it is sustainable, cost-effective and comfortable for Yukoners. This initiative is part of our long-term efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and move Yukon towards a cleaner, more resilient and sustainable future.

Minister responsible for the Yukon Housing Corporation Pauline Frost

Whitehorse United Church strives to be faithful to creation and its creator by being socially responsible, including minimizing our carbon footprint. We also work hard to make the best possible use of our limited financial resources.  Consequently, when we identified the need to do some work on our church roof, we felt that we should take the opportunity to upgrade the insulation at the same time. Without the financial assistance offered by the Yukon Government in this Incentive Program, upgrading the roof insulation would have been a financial hardship to the congregation.  We are very thankful for that assistance.

Whitehorse United Church Rev. Beverly Brazier

Quick facts 
  • Over the next three years the Government of Canada’s Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund is providing $31 million while the Government of Yukon is investing $10.3 million.

  • The Yukon Housing Corporation’s new First Nation Energy Efficient program will help each Yukon First Nation government complete energy efficient retrofits to housing in their communities.

  • The existing Good Energy incentive program has been enhanced to support residential and commercial building upgrades that save energy, save money, and reduce carbon emissions.

  • The Yukon Housing Corporation is dedicating $8.4 million to retrofit government-owned housing in all Yukon communities.

  • The Government of Yukon’s Good Energy rebate program currently offers up to $10,000 to make an existing home more energy efficient. Improvements made to a commercial building that reduce its greenhouse gas emissions can now qualify for a reimbursement of 25 per cent of project costs.

  • Over four years, 1,408 energy retrofits were completed on Yukon residences. Collectively, these existing homes saved enough energy to power approximately 205 non-electrically heated Yukon homes for one year.


Lisa Bucher
Cabinet Communications

Brigitte Parker
Communications, Energy, Mines and Resources

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Communications, Yukon Housing Corporation

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Office of Larry Bagnell

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