Housing program for government employees in Yukon communities modernized

The Government of Yukon is implementing changes to modernize the approach to housing for Yukon government employees in communities. These changes are designed to better support local economies and the delivery of programs and services in rural communities.

The revised employee housing policy includes changes to rental rates and lease options, with a focus on promoting a fair and equitable housing system that supports all Yukoners living in communities.

These changes are the first step in the larger plan to modernize Yukon government’s approach to housing for staff. The Yukon Housing Corporation is leading the policy’s implementation and is undertaking other work toward enhancing community housing options for all Yukoners, including Government of Yukon staff.

Our new approach to staff housing in Yukon communities will be more equitable and fiscally sustainable over the long term and will help ensure that government owned housing is not in competition with private rental housing. We continue to work with our housing partners to make sure that all Yukoners have access to affordable housing that meets their needs.

Minister responsible for the Yukon Housing Corporation Pauline Frost

When staff live locally, they and their families contribute to the economic and social well-being of the community. This modernized approach to staff housing recognizes the need for fairness and equity in the market while ensuring we can recruit and retain the people we need to deliver programs and services in Yukon communities.

Minister responsible for the Public Service Commission Richard Mostyn

Quick facts 
  • The new staff housing model will maintain existing housing stock and current tenants will be able to remain in their homes for the next several years.

  • Changes to the 25-year-old Staff Accommodation Policy, now called the Employee Housing Policy, establish a new method for implementing rents and assigning housing units. It also establishes tenancy duration limits and addresses the management of leases.

  • The new policy also acknowledges the Canada Revenue Agency requirement to report the fair market value of taxable housing benefits provided to employees.

  • The Yukon Housing Corporation continues to work with partners in communities to increase the availability of housing through incentive programs such as the Housing Initiatives Fund.


Lisa Bucher
Cabinet Communications

Sarah Murray
Communications, Yukon Housing Corporation

Nigel Allan
Communications, Public Service Commission

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