Information on hunting on First Nations Settlement Lands

As the hunting season in Yukon continues and in consideration of COVID-19 concerns, the Government of Yukon would like to remind Yukon hunters of the following information:

Licensed hunters do not require permission to hunt on non-Settlement Lands in any traditional territory.

Licensed hunters need written permission from First Nations:     

  • before hunting any big game or small game species on all Category A Settlement Lands; and
  • before hunting wood bison and elk on Category A and B Settlement Lands.

Otherwise, the rules of general application apply.

When planning a hunt it is up to the hunter to determine whether their destination is on Settlement Land. Licensed hunters have a right to cross Category A and Category B Settlement Lands.

Licensed hunters must comply with the Wildlife Act and regulations while hunting on Category A and B Settlement Lands.  

The Government of Yukon reminds all hunters to do so safely, responsibly and respectfully.


Janine Workman
Cabinet Communications
867- 332-0480

Megan Foreman
Communications, Environment

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