Local organizations receive funding for prevention of violence against Aboriginal women and girls

Five community-based projects to help prevent violence against Indigenous women and girls are receiving a total of $148,000 in funding from the Prevention of Violence against Aboriginal Women Fund.

The projects aim to address and prevent violence against Indigenous women and girls in Yukon communities through various initiatives, including raising awareness, healing and educational opportunities.

The Prevention of Violence against Aboriginal Women Fund is administered by the Women’s Directorate. Applicants can apply for up to $25,000 for 1-year projects or $50,000 for 2-year projects that are community-based and designed and developed by and for Indigenous women in Yukon. Yukoners with ideas for projects that meet the criteria are encouraged to contact the fund administrator when they see advertisements for the annual Call for Proposals in late fall.

Gender-based violence remains a perpetual barrier to true gender equality in Yukon, and Indigenous women and girls continue to be vulnerable to this kind of violence. These projects demonstrate a number of innovative approaches to supporting victims of violence and their families through culturally-competent and community-based initiatives.

Minister of Women’s Directorate Jeanie Dendys

When the Sally and Sisters/Soeurs lunch program started eight years ago, we brought together a number of NGO's who were concerned about women and children's access to a safe and sober place for lunch. We relied on the community for support through a letter writing campaign. Having stable funding from the Prevention of Violence against Aboriginal Women program provided by the Women’s Directorate is key to our ongoing ability to provide a hot lunch in a welcoming space at the Food Bank. We really appreciate the support and those who come for lunch do too!

Sally and Sisters/Soeurs lunch program chair Kristina Craig

Quick facts 
  • The adjudication team for the 2018–19 Prevention of Violence against Aboriginal Women Fund was made up of a mix of Government of Yukon employees and members of the Yukon Advisory Council on Women’s Issues.


Recipients of the 2018–19 Prevention of Violence against Aboriginal Women Fund

Food Bank Society of WhitehorseSally and Sisters/Soeurs Lunch Program – one year - $25,000

This program offers two hot lunches a week in a safe and sober environment for women and their children, Mondays and Fridays from noon to 1 p.m.

Kluane First Nations - Reclaiming our Spirits & Sharing our Stories – one year - $25,000

Deliver three on-the-land healing camps for the young women to build long-term support, safety and skills for the women and families of the community. 

First Nation of Na-cho Nyäk DunMayo Women’s Support Group/Circle of Dreams – one year - $25,000

Deliver bi-weekly support group sessions for the women of Mayo that allow for women to come together and work together towards their recovery and holistic healing.  There will also be a one week on-the-land camp.

Teen Parent Access to Education SocietyElder in the School - two year - $48,000

To develop and deliver 40 school days of “Elder in the School” programming for each year that will strengthen traditional values, teach skills in traditional arts, and develop ongoing relationships between an Elder and the students to increase the likelihood of students seeking the wisdom of Elders in their communities in the future.

Whitehorse Aboriginal Women’s CircleMoving Forward with Reconciliation – one year - $25,000

Develop and deliver a Speaker Series on the themes of Reconciliation and Prevention of Violence against Indigenous Women and Girls.

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