March 30, 2020: Yukon’s Chief Medical Officer of Health provides update on COVID-19

Yukon’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Brendan Hanley has the following updates for the Yukon public on measures being taken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 cases and test results

As of today, March 30, at 3 p.m. there are five cases of COVID-19 in Yukon. All five people are doing well at home.

Information about COVID-19 tests is published regularly on This includes how many confirmed cases there are in Yukon, how many tests have been negative, how many results are pending and the total number of tests.

Hospital preparedness

Whitehorse General Hospital continues to prepare for the pandemic. They are planning now on how to potentially accommodate a high volume of COVID-19 patients, including identifying other facilities where care could be provided. They are also putting physical distancing measures in place and planning for the effective management of resources such as staff, equipment and supplies.

Contact tracing

People who test positive for COVID-19 may have a history of a flight or flights within the preceding 14 days. In such cases, the Government of Yukon will use information from the airline, when available, to contact only the people on that flight who were sitting specifically within the range of the infected individual.

People identified within that range are directly contacted and required to monitor themselves for symptoms. If they develop symptoms they must immediately self-isolate and contact Yukon Communicable Disease Control. This is a precautionary approach to account for any possible transmission on flights and avoids the publication of flight information. When flight manifest information is not available, the public posting of flight information may be required.

Safe spacing

Keeping two metres apart from other people is one of the most effective ways to help stop the spread of COVID-19. This behaviour has been referred to as “social distancing” but this language is shifting to the phrases “physical distancing” and “safe spacing” as that wording is clearer and easier for people to visualize and act on.

Yukoners are reminded that other powerful ways to help stop the spread of COVID-19 are frequent handwashing, covering coughs and sneezes, and avoiding face touching.

Latest information

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