Masks now mandatory in all indoor public spaces

We amended this news release at 16:37 on December 1, 2020. We clarified that:

  • the Order applies to everyone in Yukon, not just Yukon residents: 
  • people can remove their masks when they're seated at a restaurant or bar table rather than having to be consuming food or drink; and
  • people who are providing as well as receiving personal or health care services can remove their masks if required.

We've also clarified the definition of a mask by removing a reference to face coverings. 

Effective today, the use of masks is mandatory in all indoor public spaces in Yukon. The mandate on masks authorized by a Ministerial Order under the Civil Emergency Measures Act ensures a heightened public health response to COVID-19.

Masks are now required to be worn by everyone five years and older in most indoor public spaces. These include:

  • shopping centres and retail businesses such as grocery stores, pharmacies and clothing stores;
  • service businesses;
  • locations that provide personal services or health care provider services;
  • restaurants, bars and other places selling food or drink;
  • places of public worship or a faith gathering;
  • places for sports, fitness and dance activities;
  • places where non-profit organizations provide goods or services to the public;
  • movie theatres, art centres, concert halls, billiard halls, museums and libraries;
  • conference centres, community centres and community halls;
  • indoor common areas of:
    • office buildings;
    • government buildings (other than a school);
    • multi-unit residential buildings;
    • hospitals;
    • hotels, bed and breakfasts and rental cabins; and
    • Yukon university campuses.
  • entrances of daycare centres and day homes; and
  • on public transportation, in taxis, shuttles or other vehicles for hire.

Schools are not considered a public space. However, school staff and students age 10 and older are required to wear a non-medical mask on the school bus and in school common areas.

The Government of Yukon encourages individuals, businesses and organizations to abide by the new mask Order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission in Yukon.

For the purposes of this Order, a mask is defined as a medical or non-medical mask that covers the mouth and nose.

When in an indoor space, masks may be temporarily removed if people are seated at a table in a restaurant or bar, participating in a sport or fitness activity, or providing or receiving personal or health care services that require the mask to be removed.

Anyone without a mask in an indoor space or who refuses to comply with the direction of an enforcement officer, including refusing to leave a public space where masks are required or engage in abusive or belligerent behaviour, may be subject to a $500 fine.

By implementing this mask mandate, we are asking Yukoners to do the right thing. The simple act of wearing a mask in all indoor public spaces means we are protecting the health and safety of our families, our communities and the most vulnerable in our territory. Please continue to practise the Safe 6and mask up.

Premier Sandy Silver

Quick facts 
  • Non-medical masks can be homemade or commercially bought. Three layers is recommended but two layers is effective. Face shields will not be considered a substitute for a non-medical mask. People who are unable to wear a mask due to psychological, behavioural or other pre-existing health conditions will be exempt from wearing a mask.

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